About Us

Global CMC SdnBhd's principal activity is to provide account receivable collection services on current and overdue accounts, charge off and bad debts. It also provides other ancillary services such as disputed debt negotiation, skip tracing, overseas collection, and special site visit. Other services include legal support, demand letter, statutory search services, data base management, credit information analysis and any special services to support projects being done by Global CMC clients.

Global CMC has invested considerable resources to develop and train members of its collection team. Special emphasis is given in the area of analytical and negotiation skills, and in the development of a working legal knowledge. Special emphasis is also given to the familiarization of clients' product characteristics in order to cope with different type of clients' requirements, thereby achieving best recovery results.

The company gives a stringent set of guidelines to its collection team to ensure team mem
bers' actions, behavior and performance that comply with the policies set by both our comp
any and our clients. All staff members are required to comply with the Global CMC Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement.

Our collectors are well trained, honest, reliable and familiar with all collection techniques and client requirements. They are also well-versed in the existing monetary and credit collection laws in Malaysia.


Our Philosophy
is to meet our clients' needs and establish long-term relationships based on quality services, trust and mutual respect. We strive for the best. We believe solitary long-term partnership will benefit your company.

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